Brands are the signature under which businesses engage and interact in the market. Brands define and capture the relation with customers and eventually drive business performance.


We assist brands along their brand building journey from brand strategy, brand identity, brand positioning to implementing a brand experience. We oversee branding programs to ensure the brand unlocks its value on the market.


We help clients to protect and enhance their reputation, build their organization profile and ultimately, contribute to their organization value.


We work with HR departments to build and develop their employer reputation so they can recruit, develop and retain better talents.


We bring in fresh ideas from the marketing and branding world to create impactful and consistent messages that will ultimately boost the company profile, improve employee morale, pride, sense of belonging and work productivity.


China has the world’s largest internet user base and is the most active social media environment. China operates with its own domestic search engines, social media, shopping platforms, couponing system, loyalty programs… effectively creating a unique eco-system.


We help brands succeed in this environment by developing their online strategy, building their awareness and reputation to drive traffic and generate sales.


Elson China is a partner of Jing Digital, a technology platform that allows us to create and customize Wechat content based on user preferences and profile.